Me over the top?

Well, JJ aka BabyBokChoy ... I was thinking the same thing when I saw the award at your blog a couple of days ago. I like it when JJ apologized that she has to give it to me. LOL! Guess what, today Cindy awarded me the same award too. Boy, I have to move my heavy butt to do something about it before more warning-reminders coming from the both of them LOL!! Ladies I appreciate this award and feel really honored. Hugs!!

Here's the rule: I need to pass this award on to five people, post on their blog to let them know I left this award, and then I need to answer a list of questions in ONE word (oppss... I can't just answer some in ONE word, I cheated a little LOL)

1. Where is your cell phone? On my craft table.
2.Your hair? Messy at the mo.
3. Your mother? Hardworking...wish she is still here :(
4. Your father? Intelligent.
5. Your favorite food? Beef noodle.
6.Your dream last night? None
7. Your favorite drink? Tea
8. Your dream/goal? To be a mum :)
9. What room are you in? Scraproom
10. Your hobby? Scrapbooking
11. Your fear? SNAKE!!
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Will let you know bout that again :)
13. Where were you last night? Jusco buying lingerie *winks*
14. Something that you aren't? Mean
15. Muffins? Banana
16. Wish list item? I wanna have a baby
17. Where did you grow up? Malaysia
18. Last thing you did? Watching 'The Last Man On Planet Earth"
19. What are you wearing? Big Comfy Tee
20. Your TV? Samsung
21. Your Pets? Cats
22. Friends? Kind
23. Your life? Good
24. Your mood? Sleepy
25. Missing Someone? Mr Handsome
26. Vehicle? Perodua... soon Honda *winks*
27. Something you are not wearing? Makeup
28. Your favorite store? Craft
29. Your favorite color? Apple green
30. When was the last time you laughed? Today
31. Last time you cried? A couple days ago
32. Your best friend? Several
33. One place that I go to over and over? Blogs
34. Facebook? Most of the time
35. Favorite place to eat? At this mo, Dami & Pho Hoa (they serve yummy beef noodle soup)

I'd love to nominate 5 of my fellow friends this "Over The Top" award : Wati, Michelle, Agnes, Nilla & Mazlina. You ladies are pure talent!!
Xoxo Jessy


Nilla said...

Thanks a bunch, Jessy! Very kind of you to think about me and give me this award, will put in my blog soon. BUT I will make the list shorter, OK??!! Hugs Nilla

Wati Basri said...

thanks babe for the award!