Hello 2010!!

Happy New Year 2010 everyone!! Gosh it has been a week I last updated this little humble blog of mine. Well, I have so many to update and seriously do not know where to start :)

It has been a very interesting 1 week for Mr Handsome & I here! Our bestie, Chris, Wati & Adam came to stay with us and we had awesome time catching up with each other and cracking jokes. We stayed up almost everyday till 2 a.m. to play cards, chit chat & planning for our next vacation. It is really cool to have them as our travel companion, I seriously enjoyed every single moment with them. Thanks guys!

Ok, I would like to show you a layout I did for Wati. It all started when she asked me to show her some misting techniques. I delightedly took out a white cardstock and did my thing. After all that, she went out to watch tv. I was thinking that it would be a waste if I do not use it, so I took out my stash and started to assemble the layout. I was impressed that I came out with this layout within 30 mins, guess I can work pretty well under pressure. LOL!!

Close up shots:

Thanks Aida for the die-cut butterflies. I love them to bits!!

Love the idea of random sewing on the misted layout!
Wati I am glad that you loved the layout *hugs*

Leaving you with my Twisted #30 assignment I did, do check out
here to see the sketch and all the beautiful inspirations by the DTs.

I did this frame especially for Chris & Wati's 7th year Wedding Anniversary last week! Well another surprise for this wonderful couple that step foot into our lives :)

Tomorrow it's the first day of work for me again after 6 weeks of break. Can't wait to meet the new students in my class. Ok that's all for today. Thanks for dropping by!

Xoxo Jessy


Chowchow said...

Glad that you had a great time with Wati n Co. Love the los - you are def very good with misting. Have great day back at school tomorrow.

BabyBokChoy said...

So glad to hear about your great time with Wati and the layout and misting is just as usual, brilliant! xxoo!

Ella Swan said...

your friend Wati is blessed to have a friend like you that's for sure! Enjoy getting back to school...

jaz lee said...

Lovely gift for Wati! Enjoy your friendship, good friends are hard to come by ;)
Enjoy your new year!!! -jaz

Cindy Lee said...

This is STUNNING babe!!! A layout in 30mins?? It would take me whole day! I love the frame! I'm sure Wati will love it!

Wati Basri said...

babe...I had a blast spending my hols with you and Eric! and my deepest thanks from us to you & Eric for being such a great host and tolerate our nonsense during those days!!hehehehe...and now i missed you leh and missed those jokes as well :)
u know i heart that layout and that frame so much that no words could describe babe!
I thank God for the frienship that you had given to me...I'm all so blessed :)