Updates on Krista Kids!

Hello! I am here to update on my K1 students, these are pictures that I captured everyday during the school activities last week. I will walk you thru what we did :)

Teacher Farah, my awesome assistant is doing the story-telling session for me. Simply because I am snapping away... LOL!! I love Eric Carle's story books!!

English Reading session. We are using the Peter & Jane series.

In my class, the kids need to drink water constantly. Every time when they finish a session, I will make them drink water.

P.E session along with the Playhouse students.

Music & Movements session.

Singing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider".

Singing " Are You Sleeping?"

BM reading session. We're using the E-Xra books.

Art & Craft session. The kids were making flowers with their traced hand.

Voila here's the flowers :)

The fav activities of all - water & sand play. They looked forward for it!!

For those who did not bring or forgot their swimming suit, they will play with the sand.

So there you go with all my kids in school. I am glad that they enjoyed coming to school and learning new things each schooling day.

Okie dokie, time for dinner!! See you ladies soon :)

Xoxo Jessy


BabyBokChoy said...

Jessy, you mentioned English class in your post, out of my ignorance here, what is the primary language used in your school system?

Jessy Christopher said...

Hey JJ, our kindy is a English based education but we also use our National language too, Bahasa Malaysia.

Cindy Lee said...

Those kids are so adorable!! And they look like they were having a lot of fun!

Ella Swan said...

Whoa looks like you sure have a busy time when you are there - seems like a wonderful job though - I just love doing stuff with little kids too ;-D I didn't even know Malaysia had it's own language! I have learnt so much since I started blogging...

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