Singapore Trip!

As promised, here are the updates and photos from our latest trip to Singapore. The reason we went down to Singapore was for Adam's birthday and also to meet a scrapper friend. You'll know who as you scroll down. Guess what... this was an eating trip. Phew!

On last Wednesday, after we dropped Tuffie & Tobes - we left our house at 6.30pm. It always break my heart to see my fur-kids are being sent for boarding. It took us around 3.5 hours from our place to reach Chris & Wati's house. We were welcomed with a new status. We are Adam's official God-parents. Such an honor!! Besides that we were welcome with a BIG packet of yummy nasi lemak for supper. We chit-chatted and finally slept near to 2am. The next morning, we had Mc'Donalds for breakfast.

After the breakfast, we went to have lunch. Love this shot of all of us in the car :)
We were glad that G11 was handy during the trip.

Adam decided to have his Mc'D hotcake in the restaurant.

All of us had yummy Singapore Curry Laksa and Rojak. Rojak is very similar to fruit salad but it is mixed with thick sticky paste sprinkled with fine peanuts.

After lunch, we headed to Paper Market at Raffles City. Well, the boys had fun at the fountain. Love this shot of Adam and his Godpa :)

Of course, Wati and I had a nice shot too after the shopping at Paper Market :)

Immediately we headed to our break time. This time we ate "Sup Tulang". This is similar to ox tail's soup except this is mutton. That is one of the local delicacy.

The next day, after we had french toast in the morning. Chris & Wati brought us for lunch at "Gandhi Restaurant" at Little India. This restaurant served banana leaf rice. We managed to arrive early because during lunch time the place is super packed with customers.

Adam was hungry so Wati had to feed him first.

Not long after, Sasha Farina, Syam, Nidhi & Neha arrived!
Sasha was concentrating really hard chatting with Chris while having a glass of tea.

I am so glad that I have finally met Sasha in person. She is the sweetest lady & of course a very hot mama. Hehe :) Love ya girl!!

Adam was so shy taking picture with Nidhi. That girl is ever ready to pose for the camera. So cute!! I managed to visit Made With Love, Spotlight and Laine's store too :) Thanks Sasha for accompanying me along to MWL. Happy woman!!

Next, we drove up to Ang Mo Kio to collect Adam's birthday cake. Managed to snap another pic of them together. They always wear the same colored tee coincidentally. LOL!!

We were headed home and our car was being knocked at the expressway. There were 4 cars involved and we were the second car from the front, so we were "sandwiched"! It wasn't our fault at all. The other three cars were Singaporean. Anyway, thank God no one was injured except Adam got a bleeding lip and a scratch on his left cheek. Poor boy!

We managed to sing a birthday song for our little Adam before headed to the Police Station for a report. Well it was an unfortunate event but I believe everything happened for a reason. Just that we will not have a car for a month plus. We were thankful that we the engine was not harmed and we drove the car back to Malaysia safely. It's now in the Honda workshop. We were shocked with the repair cost but we have car insurance. Thankful that we managed to borrow Eric's bro's car for the time being! Phew!!

Above all, we are glad that we went to Singapore to meet Chris, Wati, Adam, Sasha and her family. Everybody is so nice and warm. We can't wait to see them again. Prob towards year end? Hehe. Meeting and eating was the highlight of the trip :) Once again, thanks CWA for your warm hospitality :) We love you guys so much from the bottom of our hearts!! In fact I am seeing Wati this coming Saturday. She is coming to teach a workshop at Papier Love. Hope to visit other Singaporean scrappers in future!!

That's all for today. I need to start playing with my papers, assignment to hand in before the week ends. Thank you for coming by again :)

Xoxo Jessy


Anonymous said...

What a great trip you guys had! I'm so happy for you :). I must find that Rodak, I'm sure they serve it somewhere in Sweden (for sure in London where I'm heading soon again). Love fruit and peanuts, must be a heavenly combination :P. Have a great day Jessy!

Chris said...

dear jessy, i just read your blog and i'm one of those silent readers and i dnt know how to leave comment...LOL!!! Rojak n Out...see u in June :)

Wati Basri said...

it was our pleasure to have you,EJ at our humble home and u do know that our home is always open for you :) it's like your life-time hotel contract stay in SG!!
btw sorry abt the was dftly a great experience for us!!
see u on sat it that we could meet up every week!!!! hugs :)

Cindy Lee said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures with us babe!!! Looks like you are having so much fun in Singapore!! Sorry to hear bout the accident but I'm glad that you all escaped unhurt.

Ella Swan said...

Sounds like you guys had a fantastic trip - what a pity about the car & terrible that you are without it for a month - but great that you have the use of one! You must have had a great time scrappy shopping & meeting up with like-minded ladies...lucky you!! Sure Tobes & Tuffs were glad to have you back tho' ;-D

Unknown said...

aiyah...too bad I wasn't at the store or else could have met you!!! Glad you had a nice time!

Deana said...

Fun photos, Jessy, & so cool that you were able to meet Sasha, too! :-)

BabyBokChoy said...


Sasha Farina said...

oh my ugly face is here. LOL. it was awesome meeting you girl.. sorry about the accident!

sarah said...

looks like everyone had a great time! how fun that you got to meet up with sasha! :)

love these pics, my friend! thanks for sharing them.


somebody who needs to love herself said...

yummmyy la the food, I would go to singapore just for the food lol. esp the mee siam.

sorry to hear about the car. I so geram tengok your God son..he such a cutie.

ehem ehem apa borong kat Singapore?? hehehe


Yatie Tajudin said...

Great trip!! Sorry about the accident but at least everybody is ok.
Great that you get to meet Sasha & co too!! And go around all those shops!!

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Looks like a great holiday (minus the accident). xx

Blue Banana said...

Wow! What a fruitful trip! Love those pictures! And sorry to hear about the accident. Glad all escaped unhurt.

Love ya!