Penang Babes

When I was at Penang, besides visiting my close friends, Paul & Karen Hughes. I have another bunch of Penang babes who took their time and spent a day with me. As usual lots of girly-chatting and eating. I am blessed to have such gracious friends!! Here are another set of photos while I was there ...

At Straits Quay, a new mall at Penang.
That's Yen Nee, Doreen & Stella.

Cindy brought me to this beautiful cafe called Annabelle's & I loved their blooming tea!

I managed to return to Smidapaper to visit the store and Sheila again! Sheila is one gracious woman and love her company. If you ever happen to visit Penang do drop by Smidapaper @ Straits Quay. Awesome-cosy-beautiful store :)

Somehow Cindy & I have some kind of telepathic mind!! We wore the same outfit, same colors. LOL!! Guess great mind thinks alike *wink* Sheila asked if we were on our outing uniform? It was funny!

Cindy is an extremely talented cardmaker and she has so many cards to be published next year. Do look out for her cards in CARDS mag!

During my visit, I managed to go to the Jazz Festival. Thanks to Rae for the tickets. It was an awesome festival and I enjoyed it so much!!

Roger Wang Trio

Rain Sultanov Quartet

Look at the crowd!!

This tuba player rocks!! He is from a band called Pelbo. Pretty neat band! I have never seen someone jammed with the tuba before. The tuba is larger than the player. LOL!!

Karen & I

That's Tommy Emmanuel!! He was the hero of the whole festival. He is a world renown accoustic guitar player! He played so beautifully. My jaw dropped so hard on the ground and I had to pick it up many many times. He is a world-class entertainer! The sad thing, Mr.Handsome couldn't witness them playing IRL. He is a HUGE fan of Jazz & Blues. But as a good wife I queued up to buy their CDs & DVD and I also got Roger Wang & Tommy Emmanuel to sign especially for him! Fair eh?

Oh yeah Mr. Handsome has a band called Ten Thousand Talents. He plays the electric guitar. Do check his band out HERE! You can listen to their self-titled at the page too :) Okie dokie, gotta go. That's all for now!
Xoxo Jessy


Lynnda said...

WOW ... lotsa fun eh!!!... lovely pictures... how cute of you both...cindy and you...HAH on the "uniform"... good one Jessy...xoxo

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeeee the photos!!! LOOKS like such fun times! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Sharm Nidyanandan said...

wow u got to go to the JAzz festival!!!! lucky u! heard it was fab! :) and looks like u had tonnes of fun with Cindy! :)

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

looks like fun over there!!!!

Anonymous said...

you guys have so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ella Swan said...

oh wow Jessy looks like you had such an awesome time away! You got to see Cindy & that store looks beautiful...I've started subscribing to Scarpbooks & Cards & get Cards! magazine for free with it. I get all my issues so timeously & in perfect condition all the way from Canada, very impressive! Lots of Cindy's cards in there!! So glad you got to have such fun...

Cindy Lee said...

Hey babe! Thanks for sharing the pictures! It was great having you here again!! You know we never run out of topic whenever we meet and I really enjoy our chat!! You will be here soon and we get to catch up again! Woohoo!!!

Jaime Lee said...

Wow...your pictures are superb! So much fun you have there and I like the b&w photos with 3-of you. Nice pictures! :D

eMeLiNe Seet said...

some fun shots and it looked like a fun-tastic trip to Penang ! :)