Penang Butterfly Farm

Last 2 weeks, I was at Penang to visit my close friends - Paul & Karen Hughes. We went to the butterfly park the minute I arrived Penang. LOL! I was amazed that the park is such a beautiful place to just walk around and explore. Their kids, Joel & Rebekah was in awe with all the butterflies & bugs. Here are some pictures I snapped using my Canon G11. This camera is awesome! Love the size... if you know what I mean :)

To start with, you gotta spot a catterpillar!

Amazing kids, Joel and Kaka.

Dwarf Pineapple

We spotted iguana too!

Huge moth!! They are like prob 8" wide?!

Giant milipede. Average they have about 350-400 legs and they are harmless.

Never seen such a pretty duck IRL!

Interesting bug - that's the man-faced bug!

Little gecko peeking out :)

Karen & Moi

After exploring all the bugs, insects and some reptiles, we went to the "Insect Show".

Kaka holding praying mantis.

That's me holding the giant milipede!! Pretty cool eh?

That's me with the cute little iguana called "Sexy". The keeper name her that because its lips similar to Angelina Jolie. I am not making up, I was told. Look at those luscious lips!! LOL!

Be back tomorrow for more photos of my other Penang babes!!
Xoxo Jessy


Janetcraft said...

thanks for dropping by Jessy! Love the butterfiles and the takes are so lovely..hope you have more inspirations from the farm lol!!! Have fun then!!!

Lynnda said...

wow wow wonderful photos... lovely!!!... You are brave girlie... I would run miles already!!!... big hugs...xoxo

Anonymous said...

oh.. goorgeous photo... love them.. i am intrigued by the giant moth with red hues.. always thought they in come neutrals.. :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeee the photos!! Looks like fun! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Wishful Thinking said...

I wonder if you took as many photos as I did at the butterfly park heheee ;-) Those moths are huge aren't they - they have them at the KL one as well.

BabyBokChoy said...

AMAZING photos, love love love these photos, so fantastic and I can't tell you how envious I am.
We are still buried under 2 feet of snow! sigh... look at your lovely weather!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Oh wow, Jessy, you are having great fun there, especially with Sexy! LOL!

Shirl said...

You looked like you were having tonnes of fun! But I don't think I'd dare hold a giant milipede in my hands! :P

Cindy Lee said...

Awesome pictures babe!! Haven't been there since I was 12? Maybe I should ask V.Tiong to bring me there, lol!

Sharm Nidyanandan said...

Gorgeous photos babe!! :) That duck sure is the prettiest i have seen too! :)

Jaime Lee said...

You are brave girl...I dont think I even dare to touch the millipede (lol). Lovely pictures you have there! And I didn't know that Penang have such a wonderful place. One day must make a trip there with my son :). Thanks for sharing.