YSS Bloghop + Giveaway 3

Welcome to Your Scrapbook Stash's Blog Hop & Giveaway 3! We are hopping from today until Tuesday, Feb 1st 2011. Each YSS DT members aka Stash Girls are given 3 giveaway $10 Gift Certificates for you to spend in the store. Cool eh? Just make sure to checkout each DT for the opportunity to win :) The more you visit, the more chances for you! Isn't that exciting?!

Here are the Stash Girls' blogs you need to visit for the next 5 days:
Jessy <--- That's me!

I'd like to show you 2 cards I created using Webster's Pages, mixture of Wonderfall & Waiting for Santa collection. Seriously the YSS owner, Erica knows what I like... isn't she awesome?

To win all you have to do is to leave me a comment + make me laugh. That's simple rite? Hehe. You can tell me a joke, riddle, hilarious life experience, funny scrappy experience... anything ok! I wouldn't mind some giggles on this cloudy weather at my end :)

*Hint: I am gonna get Mr Handsome to pick winners for the giveaways. He is very easily amused so make him giggle too will ya? LOL!

**Hint: You might want to check this out HERE!! Be sure to make use of the discounts and promos. More % = More Savings *wink*

There are more giveaways as you scroll down and will be back on Tuesday to announce Giveaway 1, 2 & 3 winners. Be sure to check back if you are the fortunate one!!

Xoxo Jessy


Vera W. Yates (Ling) said...

Gorgeous cards, Jessy! Love the vintage look.

Maggi said...

Here's a link to a very cute picture and it sure made me laugh!! It's my dog with a scrappy paper stuck on her snout!http://picasaweb.google.com/maggiharding/ScrapTravelAndBark?authkey=Gv1sRgCIapp8vysbCryQE#5568362087651428866

teacher jessy said...

Maggi, that is a good one!! Your dog is so cute!!

Hester said...

Love this one:

teacher jessy said...

LOL Hester!! That is funny!! It went well with garfield holding the cuppa coffee :)

rkokes said...

Here are some ant jokes for your Mr. Handsome:

Where do ants go for their holidays?

What do you call an ant who skips school?
A truant!

What do you get if you cross some ants with some tics?
All sorts of antics!

So~Inkin~Cute said...

Hmmmm....make you laugh, eh? I am not so sure I am up for the task. I am super-duper deleriously sick, headache, sore throat, yada yada yada. But! I did make sure I hit all the blogs today because I am so super ready to shop!

I love your cards, they're beautiful! Erica is awesome and she always picks the perfect items to grace her shop.

I really am funny...REALLY I AM! Just not today... :(


Lillian Child said...

While creating husbands, God promised women that good and ideal husbands would be found in all corners of the world.

And then he made the earth round.

That God - he's such a joker!

Irit Shalom said...

Fancy and lovely and shabby and gorgeous- all of them

scrappingmom73 said...

Mmmm...make you laugh?? I'm not very good at jokes. So it would make me squeal with delight if I won! :)

Catherine said...

Those cards are stunning!

Miwa said...

Love the cards! Unfortunately, I'm not one for remembering jokes... but I do like the statement that "scrapbookers don't exaggerate - they embellish!"

Carly said...

As a preschool teacher, you know little kid humor, so that's where I'll go with this!

What did one tomato say to the other tomato as they crossed the railroad tracks?


Sorry! That's all I've got for now! Love your creations!

Melanie said...

My 4 year old's fortune in his cookie was "You will be going somewhere for business very soon" He got all excited and was screamed: Yes! I'm going to Disneyland! (I want his job :) )

NanaBeth said...

Gorgeous card-I love seeing how other people use Webster's.
Humor eludes me today-but I have certainly enjoyed all the pictures and stories.

Joni Parker said...

Great cards:
True story at dinner with my 7 year old (eating spagetti).

Joseph: Momma can I have more bread?
ME: No, you've had enough.
Joseph: I'll trade you a bite of my spagetti for a piece of bread.
Daddy (shocked): Joseph, that's bribery!!
Joseph (dead serious): No, it's an earmark!!!

(I've shared this story a few times and realized many adults didn't know what an earmark is... If you don't...it's political and I guess I won't make you smile today!)

KellyG said...

Love those cards!

Nitasha said...

Ok, I don't have any hilarious jokes and you would probably have to know my nonchalont 9yoa son to even get why this scenario cracks me up.
My boy is such a foodie and is always making up elaborate recipies (especially desserts). Well, tonight he's describing a dessert to my mom that includes rice crispie treats, caramel, chocolate, and peanut butter and who knows what else. After he describes all the ingredients he asks my mom "doesn't that sound delicious, Grandma?" And she replies, "No, I'm not really into that type of dessert" Then he says "Oh, you're just a simpleton! You just like plain things like cakes and pies and dry brownies" We were ROTFL! Really...a simpleton? who says that?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards.. love them.. nice combo :)

Well.. I was in a serious annual mgmt meeting, had this new phone, and wanted to text to my hubby to invite him for a concert that nite, that my MD had given me... during the meeting. I accidently sent it in a reply to my Chairman sms sitting across the table.. eek... when I heard sms came in on his phone...time literally stopped .. and he replied.. double eek... a lot of apologising to do lol...

wendy said...

A little boy, at a wedding looks at his mom and says, "Mommy, why does the girl wear white?"

His mom replies, "The bride is in white because she's happy and this is the happiest day of her life."

The boy thinks about this, and then says, "Well then, why is the boy wearing black?"

Thanks for the fun!
The cards are beautiful!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Gorgeous cards Jessy, love those DP.
And ya, most of the winners from the Pixie giveaway were "handpicked" by my husband, well, that will stop him asking me "what are those rolled paper in the box for?" LOL!

Helen Tilbury said...

Jessy your cards are gogeous - I wish I could say something funny about them to make Mr. Handsome laugh but that would be rude rite? They are gorgeous!! Right now the thing that is putting a SMILE on my face is that I have my bandwidth back - being banned from the internet is nooooooooooooooooooo fun!

Janetcraft said...

Hey, Jessy..take me take me...Mr HAndsome...haha..I am so 'hungry' with the Webster's page...ooo...so lovely...!!!!

LG said...

Hi sweetie! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments in my blog and for always supporting me. You are such a sweet friend. {{HUGS}}

such lovely cards!

Craftylicious said...

Both cards are gorgeous!! I love the striking red against the black pp in the first card..absolutely stunning! but then again..both are just as lovely!! lol! :)

Deb Long said...

What beautiful cards! I'm not sure if it will make you laugh or cry, but I am stuck at home for our 6th snow day of 2011 with my 4 and 6 year olds, so you know they have to scrap with me!

Lisa C. said...

Two snowmen are standing in a field. One says to the other - "Funny, I smell carrots too".

I thought this was perfect since I'm looking out the window at a blanket of snow!! In Texas!!

Love your gorgeous cards!!

KimR said...

Hmm...okay, I am not feeling very funny right now! Hmmm.....really, drawing a blank! :(

ruth said...

Oh gosh....nothing too funny going on here! We are in the middle of a blizzard of snow, so if you are somewhere warm you can smile and think of us. :)

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Wonderful cards!!!
I made bean soup for my girls tonight...as they dance through the house singing the "Beans, beans, are good of ryour heart...the more you eat them the more you...."...um...who taught them that song??? Sheesh!!! Hope it all wears off before gymnastics tomorrow or it could be a very intersting lesson!!! :o)