How I spent my Sunday...

When I got up on Sunday, I was all rested. I was excited too. The reason was because I am visiting I Love Snackfood again! 


I wanted to create something and decided to alter this sushi tray I got from Daiso. My theme for the day was totally gonna be retro/vintage looking.


Once I am done with my altered project, Mr Handsome & I went to grab brunch. We had Wanton Noodles and it was good!


Ta daa... here's the completed altered project for the owner of I Love Snackfood, Adeline. She loved it and she was touched! I'm glad she was!

 She somehow knew that I will be wearing my vintage dress and guess what, she wore hers too! She has telepathy power, eh?! Hehe.



Close-up shots of the altered project. Echo Park + October Afternoon = lovely combo!


This was the main reason why I was all excited to visit I Love Snackfood, it was all because of this typewriter. My papa passed this on to me a week back. It brought back a lot of fond memories. I remembered typing letters for my papa when he was a ship captain. I choked up when I saw this & really missed my late-mum a lot. The sound of the typewriter really brought me back to the nostalgic days! 

FYI, I Love Snackfood refurbish and restore old typewriters. They do customize painting and I am gonna turn this baby into a pink one to match my Miss Oly. You can view Miss Oly HERE :) Any questions or if you wanna take a peek what's the fuss, shoot them an email: for an appointment.


After choosing the color and doing all the serious business, it was time to click, click and more click...


I love the spiral stairs in this warm + cosy SOHO. 


We were all matchy with the blue door. Lol. Trust me, we never met each other before but somehow the chemistry we had was beyond words! We were like friends like... forever! She is such a sporting gal. Me likey!!

More candid shots....


Ade insisted us to snap a pic and I told her I want one with these walls. Love the texture!


One last shot to end our day at I Love Snackfood!

Yeah, it was one of the good Sunday and I heart my iPhone 4s so much! All pics were taken by iPhone.  Thanks for coming by again sweets!

Xoxo Jessy


Cheryl Leong said...

Wow.... I'm longing for a typewriter too :)))) very pretty

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That little box you made her is GORGEOUS!! How sweet of you to do that for her!! I loveeeeeeeee all the photos too... you look like you are having so much fun!! LOVE it!

brenda said...


I Love Snackfood said...

thanks for a million laughter Jessy!


Jennie M said...

SUPER SUPER cute Jessy!

Blossom inch said...

love those pics Jessy!!! like it all and what a nice altered tray for the shop, love your vintage Royal. Guess what I will be going there too to get my TW to be repainted! Awesome Sunday indeed!

Danielle said...

Very cute pictures!!

Naddy said...

Beautiful photos Jessy :)