Maternity Shoot

Hello there! As promised here are my maternity photos that I got from my talented photographer, Sunny Tan. He came all the way from Penang to our home in KL just to shoot us. Thanks man! 

We are so blessed with beautiful surroundings at our home. Sunny commented that the surrounding looked as if he's in Bali, Indonesia. It does, actually! LOL. I seriously love every single shot he clicked. We will treasure these shots for the longest time & will show Katelynn when she is older :)

 photo pregnancy_002copy_zps27e99c8e.jpg

 photo pregnancy_009copy_zpsf7b00171.jpg

 photo pregnancy_011copy_zps885dde98.jpg

 photo pregnancy_017copy_zps01ab65ae.jpg

 photo pregnancy_022copy_zps0c37006f.jpg
This beautiful hand-crafted maternity sash was created by the very artistic scrapper, Emeline Seet. It was her very first time creating such sash & she made it beautifully! I'm in awe...

 photo pregnancy_027copy_zps304f79e2.jpg

 photo pregnancy_037copy_zpsaf130a52.jpg

 photo pregnancy_043copy_zps0b9f5c5a.jpg

 photo pregnancy_053copy_zps05d652db.jpg

 photo pregnancy_065copy_zpsc5411313.jpg

 photo pregnancy_070copy_zps20fe5998.jpg

 photo pregnancy_073copy_zpsd318f85a.jpg

 photo pregnancy_078copy_zpsed1b00a2.jpg

 photo pregnancy_080copy_zps71064a46.jpg

 photo pregnancy_092copy_zpsf74f6357.jpg

 photo pregnancy_095copy_zpsba2b1d40.jpg

 photo pregnancy_103copy_zps92258225.jpg

 photo pregnancy_112copy_zps78c2c3af.jpg

 photo pregnancy_134copy_zps5b9d45ef.jpg

 photo pregnancy_137copy_zps0ff09c73.jpg

 photo pregnancy_143copy_zps0b358fd9.jpg

 photo pregnancy_153copy_zpscd8b905c.jpg

Hope you enjoy viewing our maternity photos. Will update on my Project Life Week 2 soon. It's not easy to juggle things these days but I'm glad that I can still create. Thank you for coming by! 

Xoxo Jessy


Josie said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm sure katelynn will enjoy looking at them when she's older...

Emeline said...

BEAUTIFUL BeAutiful pictures !! :) last one so funny Hahahaha! Thanks for making the sash look extra gorgeous ;)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooooo beautiful!!!

Sam said...

lovely pics, Jessy! I think Sunny was my brother;s pre-wedding photog too!

Ella Swan said...

These are all just adorable Jessy & I am so glad to see that even Tuffies & Tobes were included LOL!