Project Life Week 3

Hello there! It's time to show you what I have created for my Project Life Week 3. To be honest, I am still catching up with Project Life. I'm supposed to be on week 5 but time is just not enough at my end these days. Lol. Crafting with a lil baby as young as 6 weeks old is not an easy task. Simply because of the many pit stops & mummy duty in between BUT I am enjoying every second of it. Early of this year, I am determined to create these special memories for Katelynn so she can look back at them someday and giggle about it. I am sure every child is curious how they looked like or what they have done at such young age. Glad that I am still on the same track :)

This is my 3rd attempt creating with Project Life and along the way I have came out with my own 'creating recipe'. Firstly, I will save the photos according to the weeks into my iPhone (my photos are snapped & edited purely with iPhone), print them out using my old faithful Canon Selphy ES20, arrange the photos into the sleeves, match them with the PL cards and lastly embellish/decorate each cards. If you have noticed, I used alot of design cuts that I cut them with Silhouette Cameo. They save me tons of time especially with Katelynn being so clingy at this very moment. Of course washi tapes play a huge part on my design too.  Overall, I felt that photos and journalling actually play the most important part in Project Life, therefore I am focussing on these elements. Everyone has their own ways with Project Life but that's how I roll!

 photo IMG_4467_zps8fc753aa.jpg
PL Week 3 - Left Page

Week 3 R photo IMG_4453_zps05b728c4.jpg
PL Week 3 - Right Page

Katelynn has to lie down next to me in order to feel my presence. Yup, even when I am having my lunch! Lol. She is one sticky girl and I loved it! We have been waiting for this lil miracle for the longest time. Thank God for her!

Hope you enjoyed my Project Life Week 3 and do come back for Week 4. I will have to start them soon, just wanna make sure that I keep myself into the PL momentum. Thanks for coming by. And thank God it's Friday!

Xoxo Jessy


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love love!! She is just sooooooooooo precious!!!!

Sharon Cornelius-Xavier said...

What an awesome miracle. She's a beauty. Love!!

Kate said...

Your pages are so gorgeous Jessy! I really wanted to do PL this year, but then decided to do my own digital version, but I've been drooling over your 'real' pages for ages now and I think I'm going to take the plunge. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm going to be playing major catch up - I don't think we can get the products here in NZ till end of April it seems.

Stephanie Buice said...

Always look forward to seeing your spreads, kinda makes me want to give PL a try :) hugs girly

pallavi83 said...

Your baby is adorable! I also love your project life pages! Cannot wait to see more :) Hope you have a wonderful day

Pallavi said...

Your baby is adorable! I love your Project Life pages. Wonderful work cannot wait to see more PL posts. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Pallavi said...

Your baby is adorable! I love your Project Life pages. Wonderful work cannot wait to see more PL posts. Hope you have a wonderful day.