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I recently discovered this Uppercase magazine issue 17 for RM65 from I Love Snackfood and instantly fell in love with it. My primary interest is in scrapbooking but the wide array of topics in this magazine ranging from general paper craft (pop-ups, steel die, etc), to creative use of colors, to alternative print techniques & textures, to nostalgic inspirations simply excites me. This magazine may well drive creative people into curious mode & onto the path of expanding what they thought they have known all this while (it did for me!) And it is a surprising find for me that Janine (owner of Uppercase) is also a huge typewriter fan. Typewriters rock!  
I really love the design & whimsical illustrations on the cover, it even has a scratch & sniff portion! (How creative! And yes - I sniffed the rest of the illustrations on the cover just to be sure that I am not hallucinating, LOL!). The uncoated front & back covers and all the 114 pages that are contained within feel unlike any other magazines, together with its well-proportioned layouts page after page, it is just so inviting & engaging that I had to flip on & read till the end.

Being an enthusiast of paper craft, I feel that the range of print styles brought forward by the editors are breathtaking & have helped me expand my creative horizon. There's like something for everyone, from the simple & down-to-earth to the artistic paint brush warriors. These range of styles are particularly highlighted in the section that I am most impressed about - the 'Stationary Guide' section, as 50 creative individuals (I love how they are called 'industry pros') share their styles & approaches to designing. As if that is not enough, these pros also shared tips on various aspects, including how to make it in the creative business & how to deal with people in the industry. Nicely written, very contemporary & practical. I'm pretty sure I benefited most from this section. And oh, on the side, I'm also very impressed about how the editors managed to weave in non-mainstream art, such as twisted balloons & glass-blowing into the flow, truly opened my eyes to appreciate the endless possibilities in art. 

I believe this magazine would be a huge inspiration for all aspiring card-makers & scrapbookers out there, it has so much to offer in boosting my creative mojo on working & styling with paper, and I'm sure it can do just the same for other like-minded enthusiasts. Thank you Uppercase for this wonderful work on paper, there's truly no electronic medium that can replicate the tactile joy of beautiful uncoated paper & the cards & scrapbook pages we make out of them. I'm looking forward to future issues & I'd recommend this magazine to all of my creative friends, the playful, the perfectionists, and beyond! 5 stars for you Uppercase! Of course, thank you I Love Snackfood for bringing in this delightful magazine for the creative enthuasist :)


If you would like to visit the store, here's the address:

I Love SnackFood 
17 A, Jalan Telawi 3,

Contact No: +6019 267 3296 (Adeline)


Thanks for swinging by...
Xoxo Jessy


Lynnda said...

how cool this is... thanks for sharing it here Jess... Awesome... hug...x

Genevive said...

cool! another thing to check out.. thanks for sharing :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Very cool!! Thanks for sharing this!!

Cindy Lee said...

I love the sneak already! Thanks for sharing it with us. Anyway that I could get my hands on it? :)

Jessy Christopher said...

Hey girl! You may contact the owner, Adeline +60 19 267 3296 . She is on what's app. She can send the mag via post ;)

Erin Bacon said...

Thanks so much for the lovely review. I'm glad you've found us! I've seen some early stuff from the next issue (#18) and I know you'll be just as excited.