Tutorial : Gelatos

Hello there! I'm so honored to be able to guest for Lindsey's blog today! 

Today I would like to share with you a very simple tutorial on how to create "watercolor" effect by using gelatos. And of course, you can try this same technique with watercolors too. This technique creates a very subtle look to your project. Adds interest without "screaming" for attention. 

1 piece of craft sheet
1 bottle of water spray
1 die cut piece 
Faber Castell Gelatos colors

 photo 7_zps4685d0aa.jpg
First, you will need to gently color onto the craft sheet. Here I mixed the color blue & green.

 photo 8_zps6aaf4e20.jpg
Next, spray some water onto the gelatos. 

 photo 9_zps4a046c79.jpg
Once you done with the water, use a brush to gently mix the colors to your preference. 

 photo 10_zps94f307d3.jpg
Here is my die cut title that I'll be using. 

 photo 11_zpseeed7882.jpg
Gently, "stamp" the cut to the gelatos. Be sure that you do not leave the cut onto the gelatos mixture for too long or it will be too wet & it might tear up. 

 photo 12_zps06473efe.jpg
Finally, leave it to dry before you proceed to your next step. 

  photo 13_zps80375485.jpg
It should look like this once it is thoroughly dry. Absoultely love the "watercolor" effect!

 photo 1_zps9b0577e6.jpg
Here is a sample of my layout using the same technique. I used the rainbow colors for each of the cut. 

 photo 3_zps722f729c.jpg

 photo 2_zps21d0f219.jpg

 photo 4_zps2df67868.jpg
I have also created another layout using the same technique for the background and also for the cut. The only difference is I did it in a bigger scale.  

Here are some close-ups: 

 photo 5_zpsd3235492.jpg

 photo 6_zps2b473918.jpg

Hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and do link up if you decide to try it too. Lindsey & I would love to peek at your projects too! 

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Thanks for coming by!
Xoxo Jessy


~amy~ said...

Awesome colors and layout:)

Sharm Nidyanandan said...

Absolutely darling layouts!! Love the subtle, sweet shades youve used! :)

Ana said...

Love your layout! About the cuts you used, are they from the Silhouette store?

CalleLillyCafe said...

LOVE both layouts Jessy! Love how you 'stamped' die cuts onto gelatos too! Can I just send you a big stack of photos & you can scrap your heart out, send back & make me a happy camper?!? Ok let's work this out. haha!!!

Valerie said...

I adore the pastel colors. And thanks for sharing this tutorial. Awesome.

Nicole Nowosad said...

Ok, I JUST got some gelatos and was looking to test them out. I am so totally going to do this. Gelatos scare me for some reason! lol I think I am too heavy handed in the water area.

Josie said...

Thank you for sharing! :) totally love the way your create subtle colours for your layouts.

Anonymous said...

love the tutorial J! hope someday i also have cameo really wanna give it a try