Currently Creative : Fabric DIY

I was invited by the very talented Kellie Winnell to play along in her Currently Creative series. What a fun way to see what is everyone creating :) Such a brilliant idea I must say! 

Yesterday, I decided to sew a maxi skirt for Katelynn. Couldn't resist the polkadot japanese cotton I have in my fabric stash! Seriously... nothing fancy at all! Just a long skirt for her to feel 'princess-y'. 

  It has been a long while I sewed a skirt for Katelynn. I think the last was last year's Christmas. I sewed chevron Christmas skirts for us both! Still loving them but Katelynn can't fit into hers anymore. For this skirt, I followed the MADE tutorial HERE

I must say I'm pretty proud that I could whipped out a skirt besides using the sewing machine to stitch on my scrapbook layouts. Lol. 

Presenting to you... her maxi skirt :P

Just couldn't resist to take a shot of her yesterday night, hence the poor quality photo! So glad that she loved it. The minute I put it on her, she went to the mirror & smiled! Melted my heart <3 p="">

 This morning, I decided to take another shot of her with her fur-bro, Tobes! She is just too cute!

Oh yeah, I have been working on a little something too. A lil freebie... so look out for it :)

Thanks for swinging by again! So much love to all of you!
Xoxo Jessy

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Sharon Cornelius-Xavier said...

you are super talented la. very pretty skirt.