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I have always looking at patterns especially those abstract geometric ones. I got pretty inspired with these 2 patterns and decided to use them on my cards. 
Pinterest Source :  Hexagon | Stripes
Jessy Christopher | @felicity_jane | Greeting CardsFor the first card (on the left), I decided to repeat the patterns by layering the label on top of the candy-colorer patterned paper. I then stamped the lines at the top and the bottom of the card to fill in the gaps. I love that using repeating patterns it will speed up the creative process. 
For the second card (on the right), I used the hexagon patterned paper that's in the FJ Chloe kit. Cut them apart and just adhered them at the corners of the card. To fill the gaps, I stamped dots all over. I loved the end result! 
Jessy Christopher | @felicity_jane | Greeting Cards
Jessy Christopher | @felicity_jane | Greeting Cards
Thank you for letting me share today! I hope you will find tons of inspiration all around you everyday!
Xoxo Jessy

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