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Recently, I revisited Maggie Holmes older collections - Shine & Bloom. Sure missed these collections. After looking at them again, I thought I should combine these collections and create with them. It’s certainly a good excuse to finish older collections in my stash as well. As much I like these collections, I should hoard them furthermore but to create memories with them. I'm pretty sure we all can relate with the hoarding part. Lol. 

Let me share with you my creative process....

In the Shine collection, you'll find these beautiful 4” tall gold foil alphabets. Mind you, anything gold is my jam! I knew I have to include on my layout. It took me a while figuring out how I should include these alphabet and finally I decided to adhere the word "PRECIOUS" in the middle. Absolutely a perfect way to showcase these beautiful alphabet. 

Once I'm done with positioning the word precious, I noticed that the gold alpha didn't stand out much on the Polkadot paper as much as I wanted it. So I took out my gesso and painted over on some black dots especially those in the middle. I truly loved how subtle it looked when the gesso dried up. 

After pasting the alpha down, I adhered some embellishments around the alpha C & I. That will certainly create a fuller look to my layout.  

Tip : To make each alpha stand out, use a pencil/pen to trace the outer line of each alpha. That will darken the edge. 

Can you spot the gold glitter ribbon bow on the headband? That's from the Open Book collection. I sewed that onto a nylon band & totally love that my baby girl has a cute & stylish headband to complete her cute attire. 

I just couldn't resist pairing some embellishments from the Gather collection too. Just simply love the fact that all 3 collections matched together nicely! 

Maggie Holmes Shine Gold Foil 4" Chipboard Alphabet
Maggie Holmes Bloom Puffy Thickers
Maggie Holmes Bloom 12x12 paper - Flourish
Maggie Holmes Gather 12x12 Chipboard Stickers
Maggie Holmes Gather Ephemera piceces

Thank you for swinging by! Have a lovely day!
Xoxo Jessy

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