Crate Paper Design Team : Paper Crown

I was pretty excited when I found out that I was assigned for this week's project theme - "Project with Kids"! I instantly knew that my eldest daughter would love to have crafty time with me. A few days before we started this together, I spoke to her about it. We actually discussed what we should do. My 4yo daughter decided to create a paper crown. She is all about princess and pretty things. And that's so perfect! 

We started with the process of picking out papers together. And we went with Maggie Holmes Chasing Dreams collection. This paper crown only requires 4 pieces of 6"x6" paper pad and a pack of cute stickers! Yup, nothing else! This crown is sure perfect for all kind of parties. 

First, you'll need to fold the paper so that the top and bottom meet.  Crease well and unfold.  

Next, open up and fold the paper so that the other sides meet.  Crease well and unfold. You'll have a cross in the middle of your paper.

Fold the top right and left corners down to form triangles to the center point. Next, fold the bottom edge up to meet the center horizontal line.

Fold the rectangle upwards one more time, along the center horizontal line.

Absolutely adore her concentration. She paid extra effort in creasing and folding them as neatly as possible. Just love that! 

After guiding her for a couple of time, she could fold them all by herself. Proud mama smiling and snapping away. Haha.

When you flip them over, they should look like this.

Next, is to attach them together. You would want to help your child with this part as it takes a little effort to slot the paper together. The best part was no glue/staple required for this. 

They should look like this in a row! We are almost there.

This was the fun part for her. Placing rhinestones stickers onto her paper crown. We agreed on green bow in the middle and hearts in between. 

Tadaa.... here's the final product. She looks absolutely darling with her self-made paper crown! And most importantly, we had the best time making it together too. 

I love that sturdy the crown is when the papers are all slotted together! The crown looks very cute & pretty at the same time! 

Supplies: Crate Paper Maggie Holmes : Paper Pad 6"x6" (375968), Rhinestones Shapes (375959)

I hope you are inspired to create one or more with your kids/nephews/nieces/students today! Happy Crafting!

Xoxo Jessy

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