Maggie Holmes Design Team : Remember This Album

Hello again! I was given the opportunity to decorate my beautiful friend's wedding display table last December. I printed out some of their engagement photos and thought it would be a waste to just handed them the photos just like this. The crafter in me just couldn't do it! Haha. A handmade mini album would be a better choice, always!
This mini album is very simple to create. I used only a piece of patterned paper called Provence. The back of it has lovely paper tags that I cut them out and used them as my base. 

Their attires were in blue + white and they are just the perfect combo to use Maggie's Flourish collection. And the floral are just right for these engagement photos!  I kept each page very minimal embellishments so the photos can shine! 

Each page you will see ephemera pieces, stickers and very simple layering. I used them repeatedly on each page, to create a cohesive look. 

The various size of papers, photos and embellishments of this album is what I love most. Once you are done, just gather all the pages together, punch a hole and bind it with a metal ring. 

Just love how lovely this mini album has turned out to be! And I truly hope that this amazing couple would love it as much as I do! 

Xoxo Jessy

Supplies : Maggie Holmes Flourish - Provence, Cardstock Stickers, Chipboard Stickers, Ephemera Cardstock, Standouts, Cardstock Mini Stickers

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